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What kind of reading is best for you?

Find out what kind of reading would work best for you by reading more about what I offer in each section.  Use the tabs under readings to visit each section.  The quick guide is listed here:

ASTROLOGY: An astrology reading is a great way to get to know yourself better, to understandrepeating cycles of challenge, and re-evaluate your life, strategies, and beliefs. My clients who are therapists say it's like getting a year of therapy in 2 hours.  When we understand more fully the lessons we have set up for ourselves, the residual karma, the talents, desires, tendencies and dreams we have come in with it can shift our perceptions of life. The ancient and wise advice to "Know Thyself" makes perfect sense.  Understanding who we are at the core, at our most authentic expression, understanding the internal and external pressures that motivate and inform our actions, reactions and decisions, can completely transform our lives.  Life looks random or fated, and we feel unlucky or cursed only when we forget that we wrote the script and can re-write it at anytime if we are courageous and motivated. Remembering theAstrological structure can shift attitudes, bring clarity and light, help us make adjustments, learn and grow, and liberate ourselves from unconscious limitations.  It allows us to find the flexibility, strength and courage to heal, transcend difficulty, and express ourselves fully using our innate wisdom  



Specializing in emotional, energetic and spiritual support for the healing process. Hypnosis helps you access the place of infinite potential and higher wisdom, where you are capable of self-healing.  It helps align all of yourself with the goal of improving your life and health. Excellent for emotional support as well as pain management and illnesses of all kinds. Hypnosis can help us understand and break destructive cycles and change our behavior.  It can help us access the self-love and wisdom needed to make better decisions for ourselves.  It is also a great tool for remembering past lives which helps us expand into a larger sense of self.  We are multi-dimensional beings and Hypnosis allows us to access and travel to these other places.  The healing realm that many people visit during near death experiences, where they go into the light, can be accessed with hypnosis.  You can have an NDE without the need to die which can give you access to wisdom and healing, help you live life more fully or even prepare emotionally to leave this current life.  

PSYCHIC & MEDIUMSHIP:  Intuitive and Spiritualist reading helps you connect with guidance,  friends and relatives who have passed, using a variety of techniques and modalities. Using a variety of modalities including ancient traditions, I offer support and spiritual counseling for life's smaller daily challenges or for major changes such as: transitions and rites of passage, hospice and grief support, relationship unions and celebration of life events and rituals. I also provide assistance with having and/or integrating exceptional experiences, for developing the skillset to make your own connections with spirit, and activating your own intuitive guidance.

ENERGY WORK-- Reiki, Medical chi gong: Offering energetic support for daily life and times of crises. Energy works helps to restore balance and flow by clearing blockages and calling in the healing energy of the divine.  It works on the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels and works in person or from a distance.  

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and talents. Astrology helps us remember that life happens FOR us not TO us. This simple reframing, shifting one small preposition for another, can radically change how we live our lives.  Most of us live hidden, nestled inside later after layer of limiting beliefs, biases, narratives imposed internally and externally (like Russian nesting dolls), that prevent us from having a joyful, authentic and meaningful life.  We are free to break out of these shells but it takes self-knowledge, courage, hard work, flexibility, and an open mind. 

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