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Natal chart reading $150  (2 hrs)

This is a comprehensive reading of where the planets were at the moment you were born and how this effects your current life. Before incarnating your chart is drawn up by you with help from your guidance team.  It is a blueprint or curriculum that illustrates the skills and challenges that carry over from past incarnations as well as new directions you would like to explore and integrate.  It outlines all the challenges you chose to have and all the things you wish to experience again or in a different way.  I serve as reminder, translator and tutor to help you better understand the plan you made and its current manifestations. 


A review and evaluation is done on all the areas of life: Career & money, Love & sexuality,  Relationships & communication, Emotions and belief systems, Spirituality & Soul connection, Health & nutrition, Self esteem & psychological issues, Karmic influences, Past lives, Creativity.  Areas that feel stuck or dysfunctional are looked at more closely and we reflect on what the chart has to say about bringing these areas into balance and healthier expression.   Requirements:  Date, time and place of birth from a reliable source.  The more accurate this data is, the more accurate the reading.  

Astrological timing charts:  Progressed, Transits, Solar Return: $150  (2hrs)

A Natal chart tells you what you came into life with and what you came here to learn, integrate and resolve.  Looking at your transits, progressed charts and solar return charts can help you understand how you are evolving, what forces are currently at play, and how you can cooperate with them for smoother, more successful results.  Fighting the energies that are your celestial teachers is akin to playing hooky and not doing our homework.  It might feel good at the moment but in the long run there are painful consequences and we miss out on an opportunity to learn.  


This is a deep analysis of where all the planets are now in relationship to where they were at the time of your birth. Learning about these cycles, or seasons of your life, and the learning patterns and timing they produce can help you prepare and cooperate with the forces that are conspiring for your greater good and soul growth.  We gain perspective through this process by seeing the bigger picture and reason behind the things that are challenging us.


We look at how the past is influencing the present and how the current and upcoming planetary energies are setting the stage, clearing the path for upcoming changes.  The details that astrology can provide are impressive and can help you make adjustments and preparations that shift your life dramatically.  Having clarity and knowing how to learn from life is the greatest single factor for reducing the pain and confusion that these periods of change, challenge, and transformation can cause.  Prerequisite:  A natal chart reading is recommended prior to any of these readings so that you can start with a solid understanding of what you came in with. 

Event Charts:  $75. (1 hr) 

Understanding the message, lesson, meaning behind large significant events in our lives is important.  All of life is constantly communicating and if we stop to listen we can learn from the experiences, make better choices and decisions, take proper action and find balance and healing.  Whether your challenge is health related, an accident, relationship oriented or just a dark night of the soul in general, checking in with the stars and planets can help you find your way.   Recommended: a natal reading so you have a clear understanding of the basic skills and challenges you are operating from.  





Relationship Charts:  $150 (2 hrs)

All you need is love—

and a long list of other things to make any relationship work out right.  Things like: an advanced degree in psychology, the ability to read minds, and the patience of Job.

Or you could just get a compatibility chart and see how the two of you could make harmony happen.  This works for lovers, business partners, roommates, friends, anyone you want to really understand.  A compatibility chart will compare your chart with theirs and let you know the differences in communication styles, perceptions, belief systems, ambitions, priorities, morals and ethics, tastes and preferences, spiritual connection etc.  It will also show your similarities and where you’ll have automatically, smooth sailing.  Some of us are more emotional and some of us live more in our heads.  Some want lots of freedom to live life impulsively and others enjoy life more when things are well-defined and have structure.  Find out how the two of you can get along best. Recommended: a natal reading for yourself so you have a clear understanding of your own chart from which to begin.  

Charts for Children:   $150  (2hrs)

With the help of astrology parents are more fully able to understand their new, specially challenged child or teen.   A reading gives insight into the thought processes and emotional and fundamental nature of each individual and allows parents to then tailor their approach, communication, and education to meet the child's unique needs.  Because kids can’t “use their words” to  explain what’s going on inside of them an astrological reading is particularly helpful at helping us see them and understand them more fully as incarnated beings. 


Astrology provides the deeper soul knowledge that can make you a better guide, educator,  and nurturing parent so you can provide the newly arrived being the love and support they need. This reading also works for older children, including teenagers.  It’s also a wonderful gift for new parents or anyone you know striving to be the best parent they can or struggling with overwhelming challenges.  Astrology can help get children heading down the right path early on by understanding their inclinations, tendencies, unique talents, and soul desires. Help them reach their full potential by seeing them more fully from a soul’s eye perspective. 

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