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Catherine Zola has been a professional hypnotherapist and astrologer since the mid 90's.  She has an MA in psychology with an emphasis on social emotional learning and works with clients using her unique skillset to identify, strengthen and change personal narratives, limiting beliefs, and unconscious biases that might be hindering or preventing them from living their healthiest, best, most joyful and expansive lives.


“The combination of astrology, hypnosis and energy work is particularly effective for accessing our innate healing abilities, identifying and removing blockages, and rewriting the ideas and beliefs that our lives are built upon.”  C. Zola 










first instructors were Kate O’Donald, Donna Cunningham, Carolyn Cayce,and Daniel Giamario. Later she worked with spiritualists group and a shaman while living in Brazil where she learned energy work and Reiki. She has been a member of an Umbanda temple since 2002 where she learned trance mediumship, channeling and healing energetic work.   


Over the years she has taught meditation, kundalini breath work, intuitive development such as remote viewing and mediumship, and Astrology as a “mystery school” self-actualization technique.  Currently she leads a weekly astrology discussion and an intuitive arts experimentation group.  


Her lifelong passion for exploring consciousness and her background as an educator, social worker, massage therapist and work with several herbalist in the alternative health field have also contributed to her skills as a spiritual counselor and health facilitator. Buddhism and chi gong are her own personal core practices with a generous portion of Sufi dervish, Hindu, and a variety of shamanic type practices that she loves.


Catherine's priority has always been to develop and strengthen her relationship with spiritual guidance, to expand into her fullest potential and inspire others to do the same. 

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Over the years Catherine has studied a variety of hypnosis modalities including medical hypnosis with Marilyn Gordon, Ericksonian and NLP with Thomas Mastre and Transformational hypnosis with Chris Howard.  She has also studied transpersonal and positive psychology and has been dedicated to exploring consciousness her entire life.  Last year she was accepted into a British University’s consciousness studies Ph.D. program.  


In the late 80’s while living in Mexico Catherine  learned to read Tarot which inspired her to begin studying astrology.  Some of her


Reaching out to let you know that I think of our time together often, VERY often, almost daily. What an impact the reading you gave me had on my understanding of everything. CRACKED IT ALL OPEN. In a great way.  

S.M., New York 


It would be worth your time and effort to connect with Cat Zola. She is a detailed and thorough astrologer who has the ability to synthesize a large volume of information and relay it in a clear and supportive fashion.  She was very sensitive to my needs and zeroed in on the main points I needed to understand.  She was also patient with me until I grasped the concepts.  She welcomes questions so her readings are very interactive.  She provided a wealth of information about the attributes and challenges I came here to integrate and learn from.  Have a pen and paper read because you will learn a lot!  M.G. Business Owner, Oregon 

Thank you for the insightful reading. You gave me so much to

think about.  C. Culver, California

2 hours with Cat is like a year of therapy- but a whole lot more fun.

R.B. Psychologist, California 

Obrigado por uma incrível visão espiritual da minha vida. Você me ajudou a entender as coisas, relaxar, e tomar algumas decisões muito importantes com maior facilidade. Deus o abençoe. 

Marcia S.,  Salvador, Brazil 

(Thank you for such amazing spiritual insight into my life.  You helped me understand things, relax, and make some very important decisions with greater ease.  Bless you.)

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